This isn’t exactly where I wanted to start my blog, but I couldn’t resist when the idea struck me:

What is a good visual metaphor for female orgasm?

Have you noticed that when a movie or TV show doesn’t want to get too explicit with a sex scene, it might show the beginning of it and then show images like a volcano erupting or fireworks going off?  These are all generally metaphors for male orgasm. Perhaps this is so because we are evolutionarily predisposed or enculturated to see male orgasm as the culmination of sex, or perhaps it is because male orgasm has a more obvious externally visible form that could be transferred to another image (though I don’t think so because the metaphor also typically incorporates the sensation of “release”), but I cannot think of a suitable analogous image for female orgasm.

What if the scene were a guy going down on a woman. The camera would pan away and we would see… what?

I have idea, but I would love to hear suggestions!